Top Drop 02

Top Drop

River: Shoshone

Class: IV-

Miles: 1.2

Shuttle: 5 Minutes

Type: Half-Day

Submitted By: Jerod Ready

 Recommended Level

Low: Below 1,200
Medium: 1200
High: above 1200


Top Drop is the upper most section of the Shoshone River. With a shot hike, and its predictable flows, it makes for a great long day stretch when linked with the Canyon section.


Top Drop
Class: IV-
Top drop is the upper most runnable rapid on the Top-Drop section. This class 4 rapid is most often run through the center slot. There is a boof off the right site, but beware of the large sieve located below.
Class: IV-
Head-job is located just below Top-Drop. Catch the small eddy above the drop on river left. Pull out of the eddy, and drop into the center slot. There is a rock submerged just below the surface. Paddle away from the rocks on river right.
Class: III
Hand-job is a small section of rapids located just below Head-job. The lines are pretty strait forward and easily run down the center.
Class: III
Chester is downstream of a few other class 2 rapids. The move at normal flows is far left, followed by a hard right angle to avoid the wall on river left.


Driving toward East Yellowstone Entrance on the North Fork Highway, continue past the highway bridge. Just after the bridge, before the first tunnel, is a large scenic overview on the left. Park along the side of the pullout. There is a small trail that leads down to the lower road behind the overlook informational signs. Walk up the paved road toward the Buffalo Bill Dam until you go through the tunnel. Just after the tunnel, there is a short scramble down to the put-in.

Driving toward East Yellowstone Entrance on the North Fork Highway, continue to Hayden Arch Bridge. Turn off at bridge, park on the left before crossing. Walk up the drainage ditch to your vehicle.

Address: North Fork Highway, Cody, WY 82414, USA


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