River: Shoshone

Class: 4-

Miles: 2.4

Shuttle: 5 Minutes

Type: Half-Day


Submitted By: Jerod Ready

 Recommended Level: 1,000-2,500cfs

Low: 250-800cfs
Medium: 800-1,800cfs
High: 1,800-3,000cfs


The Canyon section of the Shoshone is the backyard run for many local intermediate to advanced paddlers. Because of its exciting drops and long season, it is a local favorite.


Entrance Exam
Class: III
This is the beginning of a set of three drops. There is a large sieve located on river left, so stay clear of the cliff wall. The best line at most flows is strait down the middle, then into a small eddy on river right.
Class: IV-
Customs is a strait forward rapid with a few different lines. It is most often run over the boof rock in the center of the river. At higher flows a massive retentive hole beings to form. It can be run on either far river right or left.
Iron Curtain
Class: IV-
Iron Curtain immediately follows Customs. The majority of water of forcing into the left wall. For the smoothest line, stay center right. A large hole begins to form at flows above 2,800cfs.
Class: IV-
Following a few class 2 rapids is Nintendo. This is a great play spot for getting enders in a creekboat. There is a large eddy on river left. Paddle back across the river into the small eddy on river right. Paddle into the hole... and get ready for blastoff.
Class: IV-
Following Nintendo rapid is Pinball. Pinball consists of two rapids that are linked together. The entrance is named Gameboy, and the main drop is Pinball. This rapid is usually run through the left channel on river left, followed by a boof over the hole, immediately after the entrance move. After navigating through the hole, begin working further left as there is a large retentive hole off the corner of the rock on river right.


Heading toward Yellowstone on the Northfork Highway, continue to Hayden Arch Bridge. Pull down hill toward bridge. Parking is before bridge, next to the hillside on the left. There is a small guard rail on the right. Step over edge, and walk down to river

From town heading toward Yellowstone on the Northfork Highway, continue to Demaris Road located on the right. Continue past the Old Trail Town, onto dirt road. Continue strait on road until reaching an open gate. Continue through gate, down hill, to park.

Address: North Fork Highway, Cody, WY 82414, USA

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